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"The team has been inviting ever since meeting them at a table in hallway inviting us to FREE college planning help [workshop]. Their [were] attentive and made a lot of timely tasks such as the FAFSA easy for us. They made an overwhelming process, approachable and comforting. Thank you!"   ~ Michelle S.

"As a single mother of three, of course I had concerns regarding college financing. After speaking with THE COLLEGE PLAN reps, however, everything fell into place effortlessly. In fact, I was so relieved I cried!  THE COLLEGE PLAN has been in communication with my oldest son's college to ensure everything is in place for fall semester. Further, THE COLLEGE PLAN  have spent time speaking with my rising junior to begin his path on college selection and financing.  I can honestly say I love these guys! Thank you !"   ~ Rhonda V.

"Wow!!! These folks are simply the BOMB!!! So eager to help. So knowledgeable and Super Friendly. I couldn’t recommend any stronger. I never knew these kinds of services even existed."   ~ Ben W.

"THE COLLEGE PLAN people are VERY HELPFUL. Finding and financing for college can be a little difficult as well as confusing but they are right by your side and helpful! Thanks a lot!"   ~ Onye C.

"Jeff and Andrea have done an incredible job of keeping us organized and informed throughout the process. The work that Jeff did on the FAFSA in a matter of minutes was incredible compared to me spending hours on it. Also, the life advise on financial plan for my student was true and refreshing. ! I would highly recommend The College Plan!" ~ Kenny L.

"Jeff and Andrea have done an incredible job of keeping us organized and informed throughout the process. We'd be lost without their guidance! I would highly recommend The College Plan!" ~ John W.

"This was an amazing experience! I had heard horror stories regarding FAFSA! Jeff made it a breeze! Hi is knowledgeable and very personable! If you have a soon to be college student, do yourself a tremendous favor and give them a call, you will not regret it!"         ~ Jan G.

"First meeting with Jeff I left confident that FAFSA forms were completed and submitted. Doing and excellent job."   ~ Todd S.

"I was concerned about how I was going to be able to afford college ....    helped me find scholarship money."   ~ Kaylyn B

"It was a great experience and they were very kind and concerned about our situation."    ~ Mary

"I would have been lost without them ... then they helped my sister also."  "Could not have gone better."

"The College Plan has helped me significantly as I navigate my way from high school to college. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has put forth effort and helped me along the way. The college plan has made me feel prepared for college and the scholarship will be put towards my education. I would absolutely recommend The College Plan!     ~Lauren

"The staff was great!!!! They explained everything step by step and made sure we were comfortable with our choices. Our experience has been great!!! We will use THE COLLEGE PLAN when our daughter graduates!!!"   ~ Mary Ann C.

"I knew after the first meeting that they would take the stress of the FAFSA off me."  "They are always there when I call."